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* 안현국 (tomc4you @ naver . com)
* 임이진 (yjim @ hit . skku . edu)
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(:cellnr valign=top :) '''Teaching Assistants:'''
(:cell valign=top :)
* 윤광호 (yoonkh2000 @ gmail . com)
* 안현국 (tomc4you @ naver . com)
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(:cell valign=top :) Lecture room {-#26312-} %red%#330110, Semiconductor Bldg.%%\\
(:cell valign=top :) Lecture room {-#26312-} %red%#330110, Semiconductor Bldg.%% (changed)
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!! CSE2003: System Programming (Spring 2009)

!!! [General information]

(:table border=0 width=90% align=left :)
(:cellnr width=15% valign=top :) '''When:'''
(:cell valign=top :) 12:00 - 13:15 (Monday)\\
15:00 - 16:15 (Wednesday)
(:cellnr valign=top :) '''Where:'''
(:cell valign=top :) Lecture room {-#26312-} %red%#330110, Semiconductor Bldg.%%\\
(temporarily changed)
(:cellnr valign=top :) '''Instructor:'''
(:cell valign=bottom :) [[http://csl.skku.edu/jinsoo|Jin-Soo Kim]] \\
Associate Professor\\
[[http://csl.skku.edu|Computer Systems Laboratory]]
(:cellnr valign=top :) '''Course'''\\
(:cell valign=top :) This course is an introduction to concepts underlying all computer systems. More specifically, this course provides a programmer's view of how computer systems execute application programs, store information, and communicate with each other. This course also serves as a foundation for courses on operating systems, computer architectures, compilers, programming languages, computer networks, and embedded systems, where a deeper understanding of systems-level issues is required. Topics covered include data representations, assembly languages, processor architectures, the memory hierarchy, operating systems, compilers, linkers and loaders, and high-level application programming interfaces.
(:cellnr valign=top :) '''Textbook:'''
(:cell valign=top :)
* Randal E. Bryant and David R. O'Hallaron, [[http://csapp.cs.cmu.edu|''Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective'']], Prentice Hall, Inc., 2003.
(:cellnr valign=top :) '''References:'''
(:cell valign=top :)
* Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, [[http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/cbook|''The C Programming Language'']], Second Edition, Prentice Hall, Inc., 1988.
* Randall Hyde, [[http://webster.cs.ucr.edu|''The Art of Assembly Language Programming'']].
* [[http://www.intel.com/products/processor/manuals/index.htm|''Intel Architectures Software Developer's Manuals'']], Intel Corp.
(:cellnr valign=top :) '''Prerequisites:'''
(:cell valign=top :)
* C programming skills
* Basic knowledge of Unix/Linux systems
* ICE2001: Logic circuits
* ICE2002: Data structures
(:cellnr valign=top :) '''Grading:'''
(:cell valign=top :) (Subject to change)
* Class attendance: 10%
* Projects: 25%
* Exams: 35%
* Quizzes: 30%