EEE3050: Theory on Computer Architectures (Spring 2017)


  • (June /26) The finalterm exam result is announced! ==> Final_Score
                 You can check your exam paper : 6/26 ~ 6/27
                 Location : 400590 Semiconductor Building
  • (June/8) CAUTION!! The location of the final exam has been changed to #330110.
  • (June/7) The final exam will be held at 13:30-14:45 on June 19th in #330110. The scope is from pipelined architecture to the rest. Good luck!
  • (May/19) There will be a help session on May 19, 18:00PM
                It will be videotaped also, but I suggest you to attend if you have any questions about assignment2
                Location : Semiconductor Building 400126
  • (May/08) The midterm exam results is announced! ==> Mid_Score
                There are 2 students with secret key "1234", therefore they changed to StudentID
                If you can't remember your secret key, email to ""
                Duration to check your exam paper : 5/8 ~ 5/15
                Location : 400509 Semiconductor Building
  • (Apr/20) The midterm exam will be held at 13:30-14:45 on April 24 in lecture room 26310. The scope is up to P&H 4.4. Good luck to all of the students.
  • (Apr/12) No class on April 19. A make-up class will be held on April 26.
  • (Mar/02) Lets have fun with computer architecture!