ESW5010-41: 운영체제특론 (Spring 2016)

강의시간: 월 12:00-13:15, 수 15:00-16:15
강의실: 제2공학관 26동 3층 26310호
담당교수: 이준원
  • Class participation: 20%
  • Paper presentation: 40%
  • Quizz: 40%
Teaching Assistant:
  • 이한나
    • E-Mail: yanma.hannah at
  • Mar 2 (W): Introduction
  • Mar 7(M) : OS Overview
  • Mar 9(W): Leidtke: On micro-kernel Construction pdf
  • Mar 14(M) Levis: Experiences from a Decade of TinyOS Development pdf
  • Mar 16(W) Elphinstone: From L3 to seL4: What Have We Learnt in 20 … pdf
  • Mar 21(M) 김상욱(이준원 교수)
  • Mar 23(W) Exokernel pdf
  • Mar 28(M) 서본근(이준원 교수)
  • Mar 30(W) Scheduler Activations pdf
  • Apr 4(M) Baumann: The Multikernel: A New OS Architecture for … pdf
  • Apr 6(W) Disco pdf
  • Apr 11(M) 장학범(이재욱 교수)
  • Apr 13(W) Waldspurger: Memory Resource Management in VMware ESX Server pdf
  • Apr 18(M) 강동현(엄영익 교수)
  • Apr 20(W) Midterm
  • Apr 27(W) Nikolaev: VirtuOS: an operating system with kernel virtualization pdf
  • May 2(M) Hagmann: Reimplementing the Cedar File System … pdf
  • May 4(M) Rosenblum: The Design and Implementation of a LFS pdf
  • May 9(M) Herlihy: Transactional Memory pdf
  • May 11(W) David: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Synchronization pdf
  • May 16(M) Rinard: Failure-Oblivious Computing pdf
  • May 18(W) Engler: Bugs as Deviant Behavior pdf
  • May 23(M) 김형준(김진수 교수)
  • May 25(W) Eraser: A Dynamic Data Race Detector for Multi-Threaded Programs pdf
  • May 30(M) Scalable Address Spaces Using RCU Balanced Trees, ASPLOS 2012. pdf
  • Jun 1(W) R2: An Application-Level Kernel for Record and Replay, OSDI 2008. pdf
  • Jun 8(W) Efficient Software-Based Fault Isolation, SOSP 1993. pdf
  • Jun 13(M) 김혁중(신동군 교수)
  • Jun 15(W) Final Exam