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Week2 Note

Week3 Note

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Week12 Note


Week1 : Example

Week2 : sample input sample output


Week2 : input output

Week3 : input output

Week4 : input output

Week5: input output

Week6: input output

Week7: input output

Week8: input output

Week9: input output

Week10: input output

Week11: input output

Week12: input text input output


Homework1 : pdf input1 input2 input3 output1 output2 output3

Homework2 : pdf input1 input2 output1 output2

Homework3 : pdf tip code command input -p output -n output -c output -ap output -op output

Homework4 : pdf header data command output tip

  • You should include attached header file, and MUST NOT INCLUDE any header files additionally.
  • I will upload some tips to this homework after finishing our final exam.
  • You should change data file from "messages_dat" to "messages.dat"