ICE2010: Introduction to Computer Engineering (Spring 2011)

[General information]

When: 16:00 - 17:50 (Thursday)
Where: Lecture room #330110, Chemistry Bldg.
Instructor: Jin-Soo Kim
Associate Professor
Computer Systems Laboratory
The goal of this course is to explore a broad view of the computer science and engineering discipline, focusing on the computer's role in representing, storing, manipulating, and communicating information. This course is not intended to offer complete coverage for every topic. Instead, we will choose several representative areas, demonstrating the issues and challenges at hand. Topics include computer systems organization, algorithms, operating systems, networks, databases, etc.
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Grading: (Subject to change)
  • Class attendance: 10%
  • Team projects: 45%
  • Exams: 45%
Teaching Assistants:
  • TBD