ICE2010: Introduction to Computer Engineering (Spring 2015)


The following schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.

Week Topic Reading
1st The Big Picture Chap. 1
2nd Numbers and Data Representation Chap. 2 & 3
3rd Gates, Circuits and Computing Components Chap. 4 & 5
4th Low-Level Programming Languages and Pseudocode Chap. 6
5th Problem Solving and Algorithms Chap. 7
6th Abstract Data Types and Subproblems Chap. 8
7th OO Design and High-Level Programming Languages Chap. 9
8th Midterm exam
9th Operating Systems Chap. 10
10th File Systems and Directories Chap. 11
11th Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence Part I Chap. 12 & 13
Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence Part II Chap. 12 & 13
12th Simulation, Graphics, Gaming and Other Applications Chap. 14
13th Networks and Internet Chap. 15 & 16
14th Computer Security Chap. 17
15th Limitations of Computing Chap. 18
16th Final exam

Credit: Most of slides for this lecture are based on the slides created by the textbook authors, Dr. Nell Dale at UT Austin and Dr. John Lewis at Virginia Tech.