ICE2015: UNIX Programming (Fall 2014)


  • On signal(), I found a following note in the GNU C library documentation.
    • A problem encountered when working with the signal function is that it has different semantics on BSD and SVID systems. The difference is that on SVID systems the signal handler is deinstalled after signal delivery. On BSD systems the handler must be explicitly deinstalled. In the GNU C Library we use the BSD version by default.
    • Like I mentioned in the class, signal() is not POSIX-compliant. Thus the behaviour of the function may differ depending on the underlying operating system. In Linux, a signal handler you installed with signal() will not be deinstalled until you explicitly deinstall the handler. For the POSIX compliance, you use sigaction() instead.
  • No lecture on Nov. 20. A make up class will be given at 9 AM on Nov. 22.
  • Grading of midterm exam completed!
    • Average: 43
    • Median: 42
    • You can check your score via ASIS.
  • Ahoy! Welcome aboard! (Sep. 1)
    • Let's have fun again with UNIX programming this semester.
    • You are encouraged to bring your laptop with you to the class.