ICE3028: Embedded Systems Design (Fall 2018)


[Project Results] RESULT!

Project #1: NAND Simulator (Due: 12:00, 10/11)

Project #2: Greedy Page Mapping FTL on Simulator (Due: 23:59:59PM, 11/11)

  • skeleton code:
  • You should draw graph(OP ratio vs. WAF) and describe tendency & why
  • Example execution result is uploaded (OP ratio=28%)
  • Q1: GC policy?
      -A: If current ftl_write going to be written on last free block, garbage collection activated first and make 
           new free block(victim block is decided by number of valid pages of each block). The actual page write 
           should occur after garbage collection. Please refer to lecture note "Flash Translation Layers 1", 10/16, 
           slide 26~32.
  • Q2: Last free block means "Last logical free block" or "Last physical free block"?
      -A: Garbage collection should work at ftl_write on last physical free block which includes 
           "Overprovisioning" blocks. In this project OP blocks will used as normal data blocks. Therefore, in this 
           project, there is no difference between OP blocks and USER blocks in physical view. This can explains 
           why number of GC is 0 in first "RUNS".
  • Delayed submission: 2013310791(1 day), 2014313004(2 days)

Project #3: Other Page Mapping FTLs on NAND Simulator (Due: 23:59:59, 11/22)

      -A: Select your own policy. And Submit a report about your code in 1~2 pages.
            Output is not provided because it is policy dependent.
  • Q2: Scoring?
      -A: Scoring is based on WAF.
  • Delayed submission: 2014311029(1 day), 2014312500(1 day)

Non-Project #3.5: Testing your FTL on Jasmine Board(Multi-stream)

Project #4: Log-block FTL (Due: 23:59:59, 12/9)

      -A: You have to count dummy page write for WAF statistics.

Project #5: Power-Off Recovery (Due: TBD, 12/23)