ICE3028: Embedded Systems Design (Spring 2013)


  • (2013/6/20) The final exam scores are posted below. The average score is 115/250. Ask TA at #85557 (산학협력센터) to review your final exam sheet. Please make your claims, if any, to the instructor by June 24th.
  • (2013/6/11) The final project presentation will be held in the lecture room #85529 at 16:30.
  • (2013/5/6) The monday class on May 13th will be held in the lecture room #85531. We also plan to have a supplementary class on May 14th in the lecture room #85529. Each team should present a proposal for project #2.
  • (2013/5/1) There will be no class on May 8th (Wednesday) due to the travel schedule of the instructor.
  • (2013/3/4) The lecture room has been changed to #85529 for Wednesday classes. Monday lab sessions are held in the PC room #400202.
  • (2013/3/4) Welcome aboard!