SSE2030: Introduction to Computer Systems (Fall 2017)


  • This course requires you to be familiar with the C programming on the Linux system. There will be several programming assignments related to x86 assembly programming.
  • PA #1: Tiny FP (8-bit floating point) representation (deadline: 9/27 11:59PM)
    • skeleton code
    • Sign up the submission site (
      • You should enter the real name & real student ID
    • Note:
      • TMin and TMax represent the smallest and the largest integer that can be represented in the 32-bit signed integer format, respectively. Please refer to page 9 in this lecture slide.
      • The automatic grading system is online in the server. If you encouter Err.Compile, it means that it was not compiled properly in our server. The official platform for this course's assignments is Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS. Please make sure your code has no problem in compiling and running in Ubuntu.
      • Our test cases consist of normal tests using randomly chosen numbers as well as some special cases involving Inf, NaN, etc. We will not reveal the details of our test cases so that you can figure out what's wrong in your code by yourself.
  • PA #2: Implementing Arithmetic Operations using the Tiny FP (8-bit floating point) representation (deadline: 10/15 11:59PM)
  • PA #3: Pixelizing an Image (deadline: 11/26 11:59PM)