SSE2030: Introduction to Computer Systems (Spring 2018)


  • This course requires you to be familiar with the C programming on the Linux system. There will be several programming assignments related to x86 assembly programming.

Programming Assignment #3

Due : 06/26

Programming Assignment #2

Due : 05/30

Programming Assignment #1

Due : 04/16 16:30

04/06 : Modified several errors on answer & input files.

04/11 : Modified txt file format and typos.

04/11 : Note. Transforming the sfp numbers into their original data types(int or float) in order to directly evaluate arithmetic answers is prohibited. You should not use any data-conversion functions (sfp2int, sfp2float, float2sfp, float2int) and float, double data-types in the arithmetic functions.(addition, multiplication) See this image

04/12 : For students having hard time for implementing type conversion functions into sfp, we recommend you to take an advantage of a function memcpy.

void * memcpy ( void * destination, const void * source, size_t num );

This functions copies the data whose size is 'num', located at 'source' to 'destination'. Since float data type does not accept bit operations, copying the float data into another data type accepting bit operations(For example, unsigned int.) might help you conduct conversions as you have learned.