SSE2033: System Software Experiment 2 (Fall 2018)


The following schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.

Day Topic Reading Assignment
9/6 (T) Course overview
9/13 (T) Introduction to Linux PA#0
9/20 (T) File I/O
9/27 (T) Process PA#1
10/4 (T) IPC (Pipes and FIFOs)
10/11 (T) Signals PA#2
10/18 (T) Recitation session
10/25 (T) Midterm exam week
11/1 (T) Signals Δ
11/8 (T) Sockets Δ PA#3 Δ
11/15 (T) Concurrent programming Δ
11/22 (T) Pthreads Δ PA#4 Δ
11/29 (T) Pthreads (cont'd) Δ PA#5 Δ
12/6 (T) Threads Synchronization Δ
12/13 (T) Course summary Δ
12/20 (T) Final exam week

Credit: Most of slides for this lecture are based on slides created by textbook authors, Drs. Bryant and O'Hallaron at CMU. (see lecture notes by authors)