SSE2034: System Software Experiment 3 (Fall 2018)

Project Score


Project #1: Library management

  • Input, output and resource files are uploaded.
  • Project slide is updated. Please check it.
  • example.tar.gz
  • (10/25) Output.dat is updated.

Project #2: Space management

  • Git policies
      -You should make new branch from branch(usually master) that you submitted as project1.
      -You should commit at meaningful points with description(commit log), not only once at last.
  • (11/11) Project slide is updated. Please check it.
      -(Return_code 10: You did not borrowed this kind of space) is added.
       If the operation is 'R', 'E' or 'C' without previous 'B' operation, the return code is 10.
      -There is no input case about 'C' operation without previous 'E' operation.
      -If the operation is 'R', 'E' or 'C', there is no data in 'Number_of_member' and 'Time' field of 'space.dat'.
      -In return code 14, if the available time exceed the close time of the space, print out the close time(00, 18 or 21).
      -The right output format is output.dat in example2.tar.gz, not in the slides.

Project #3: Extended library management

  • E-book policies
      -Return code 2, 5, 7 is impossible for e-book.
      -There is no delayed return for e-book. If the loan period is exceeded, e-book must be expired.
  • New return code 16 is added
      -If a graduate or faculty member tries to borrow a new book in an overdue state, print return code 16.
  • Magazine policies
      -Magazines must expire after being returned to the library.
      -If a magazine is not returned until expiration date, the magazine has not expired yet, but borrow is impossible.

Project #4: Library statistics