SSE3044: Operating Systems (Fall 2012)


  • (2012/12/18) The final exam scores are posted below. The average score is 77/170. Ask 김형준 조교 at #85533 (산학협력센터) to review your final exam sheet. Please make your claims, if any, to the instructor by December 20th.
  • (2012/11/19) Oral test score is updated.
  • (2012/10/30) Automatic submission server is changed. Please upload your source code & document at . Your account at old site will be available in new site.
  • (2012/10/28) Your midterm exam score will be available in the GLS system. The average score is 99/200. If you want to see your exam sheet, please visit the instructor's office.
  • (2012/10/18) Please submit your hard copy of project 1 document with all team member's signature at #85561.
  • (2012/10/16) The midterm exam will be held on October 22nd (Monday) from 13:30 to 14:45.
    • Scope: Chap. 1 - 7, handouts, Pintos
    • Closed-book exam
  • (2012/9/19) The class on 9/19 has been cancelled due to the athletic competition in the college of ICE.
  • (2012/9/19) In this semester, we will use an automatic submission & evaluation server for your projects. Please register your account at
  • (2012/9/10) Send your group name, student ID and name for each group members to
  • (2012/9/10) Project0 has been posted in the Projects page. The due date is 11:59PM, Sep 23rd.
  • (2012/9/3) The warming-up project has been posted in the Projects page. The due date is 11:59PM, this Friday (9/7).
  • (2012/9/3) Welcome aboard!