SSE3044-41: Operating Systems (Spring 2020)


  • You will have several projects based on the xv6 instructional operating system. To successfully complete these projects, you must have excellent C programming skill and be familiar with the Linux platform.
  • Required skills
    • Fluent C programming (must!)
    • Basic knowledge on Intel x86 architecture
    • Intel x86 assembly programming
    • Basic knowledge on Unix/Linux systems
    • Ability to read a large, complex program

[Weekly lab session]

  • TBD

Project #0: Booting Δ (Due date: TBD)

Project #1: System call Δ (Due date: TBD)

Project #2: CPU scheduling Δ (Due date: TBD)

Project #3: Virtual memory Δ (Due date: TBD)

Project #4: Page replacement Δ (Due date: TBD)

Project #5: Synchronization Δ (Due date: TBD)

Project #6: File systems Δ (Due date: TBD)