SSE3052: Embedded Systems Experiment (Fall 2012)

[General information]

When: 18:00 - 21:50 (Monday)
Where: Lecture room #400102, Semiconductor Bldg.
Instructor: Jin-Soo Kim
Computer Systems Laboratory
This is a follow-up course to ICE3028 (Embedded Systems Design) and designed to give students in-depth experience with embedded systems. As in the previous course, we will focus on Solid State Drives (SSDs) as a representative example of embedded systems. This course will touch various issues surrounding modern SSDs, such as Flash Translation Layers (FTLs), file systems, I/O schedulers, hybrid storage, index structure, etc.
This is a project-oriented course; each student is required to propose a research topic related to SSDs and write a term paper at the end of the semester. The proposed scheme should be implemented in a real system, possibly on the Jasmine OpenSSD platform used in the previous course.

Quality research papers will be used as class materials.

  • ICE3028: Embedded Systems Design (Must!)
    Note: This is a follow-up course to ICE3028 (Embedded System Design) and we will be using the same hardware platform (Jasmine OpenSSD platform) for this course. So only the students who took the ICE3028 course in Spring 2011 can enroll in this course.
Grading: Will be based solely on the quality of the term paper.
Teaching Assistants:
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