SSE3052-41: Embedded Systems Practice (Spring 2020)


The following schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.

Day Lab Misc.
3/10 (T) Overview Δ Environment Setup Δ
3/17 (T) System Call Δ
3/24 (T) Virtual Device Δ
3/31 (T) Device Driver Δ
4/7 (T) Soft Device Δ PA #1
4/14 (T) Java Introduction Δ
4/21 (T) Java Introduction (cont'd) Δ
4/28 (T) Hello Android Δ
5/5 (T) Activity and Intent Δ
5/12 (T) Android Services Δ PA #2
5/19 (T) Java Native Interface Δ
5/26 (T) Notification
6/2 (T) Introduction to Kotlin
6/9 (T) Project presentation
6/16 (T) Final exam