SWE2001-44: System Programs (Spring 2020)


The following schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.

Day Topic Reading Projects
3/10 (Tue) Course overview Chap. 1
3/12 (Thu) Digital systems Δ Chap. 2.1
3/17 (Tue) Representing integers Δ Chap. 2.2
3/19 (Thu) Manipulating integers Δ Chap. 2.3
3/24 (Tue) Manipulating integers (cont'd)
3/26 (Thu) Representing and manipulating floating points Δ Chap. 2.4
3/31 (Tue) Representing and manipulating floating points (cont'd)
4/2 (Thu) Byte ordering Δ Chap. 2.1
4/7 (Tue) Machine-level representation of programs Δ Chap. 3.1-3.3
4/9 (Thu) Machine-level representation of programs (cont'd) Chap. 3.1-3.3
4/14 (Tue) Assembly I: Basic operations Δ (updated) Chap. 3.4-3.6
4/16 (Thu) Assembly I: Basic operations (cont'd)
4/21 (Tue) Assembly II: Control flow Δ Chap. 3.4-3.6
4/23 (Thu) Midterm exam
4/28 (Tue) Assembly II: Control flow (cont'd)
4/30 (Thu) Assembly III: Procedures Δ Chap. 3.7
5/5 (Tue) Assembly IV: Complex data types Δ Chap. 3.8-3.9
5/7 (Thu) Complex data structure (cont'd)
5/12 (Tue) Buffer overflow Δ Chap. 3.10
5/14 (Thu) Linking Δ Chap. 7.1-7.10
5/19 (Tue) Using gdb Δ
5/21 (Thu) Processor architecture Δ Chap. 4.4
5/26 (Tue) Processor architecture (cont'd)
5/28 (Thu) Advanced processor architecture Δ Chap. 4.5
6/2 (Tue) Memory hierarchy Δ Chap. 6.4-6.6
6/4 (Thu) Memory hierarchy (cont'd)
6/9 (Tue) Advanced programming Chap. 8.1-8.4
6/11 (Thu) Advanced programming (cont'd)
6/16 (Tue) Final exam week
6/18 (Thu) Final exam week

Credit: Some of the slides for this lecture are based on the slides made by Prof. Jin-Soo Kim and materials provided by the textbook publisher.