SWE2007: Software Experiment 2 (Fall 2014)

[General information]

When: 18:30 - 21:45 (Wednesday)
Where: Workstation Lab. #400202 #400212, Semiconductor Bldg.
Instructor: Jin-Soo Kim
Computer Systems Laboratory
This course is intended to make students be familiar with Linux systems. We will learn how to install and setup your own Linux system and review the basic Linux commands. We move on to various system calls provided by Linux systems for advanced programming. No prior knowledge on the Linux system is required.
Grading: (Subject to change)
  • 10% Class attendance
  • 90% Assignments
  • 50% Lab. exercises
  • 40% Projects
Teaching Assistant:
  • 정우영 (wooyeong AT csl.skku.edu), #85533
Office Hours:
  • Mon. 19:00~20:00
  • Wed. 16:00~17:00
Class Mentor:
  • 고은석 [소프트웨어4], #85557