SWE3004: Operating Systems (Spring 2013)

Installing pre-built GCC 4.1.2 binaries

March 7, 2013

Jin-Soo Kim
Computer Systems Laboratory
Sungkyunkwan University

We have built GCC 4.1.2 binaries for running Pintos on Ubuntu platforms. The pre-built GCC 4.1.2 binaries can be installed on your system by following these steps.

1. Download the installation script

To ease the installation of pre-built GCC 4.1.2 binaries, we provide an installation script named sse-gcc-installer-v2. On your Linux platform, the script can be downloaded using the following command. Alternatively, you can download the script here.

$ wget http://csl.skku.edu/uploads/SWE3004S13/sse-gcc-installer-v3

2. Run the installation script

Run the installation script as shown below. You need to have the root privilege (sudo) to run the script as it installs GCC 4.1.2 binaries in the /usr/local directory.

$ chmod a+x sse-gcc-installer-v2
$ sudo ./sse-gcc-installer-v2

3. Verify the installation

If the script completes without any error, sse-gcc (gcc-4.1.2) and sse-g++ (g++-4.1.2) are available in /usr/local/bin. Note that the script has been tested on Ubuntu 10.04.4, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04.2, and 12.10. If you use other Linux distributions or faces an error during the installation, please consult your TA.