SWE3004: Operating Systems (Spring 2017)


  • (2017/5/1) The midterm exam results are now available. You can check out your score in the GLS system. The average score is 110/250. Please visit the TA at #85533 to review your exam sheets.
  • (2017/4/19) We will have the midterm exam on 4/24 (Monday) from 13:30 to 14:45 at the lecture room #85777. Please refer to the sample midterm and final exam problems below.
  • (2017/4/9) Because of the ambiguity of test program caused by timer interrupt in xv6, PA#2-2 will be tested manually.
  • (2017/3/15) The Lab. session will be held in the lecture room #26312 from 7:00pm 7:30pm every Tuesday.
  • (2017/3/7) The lecture room has been changed to #85777 in the Corporate Collaboration Center Bldg. 7F.
  • Let's have fun with OS!