SWE3005-42: Computer Architecture (Fall 2019)

[General information]

When: Tuesday 09:00 - 10:15 and Thursday 10:30 - 11:45
Where: Lecture room #26308, 3F Engineering Bldg. II
Instructor: Euiseong Seo
Associate Professor
Computer Systems Laboratory
Computer architectures have been drastically evolved since early 1980. Pipelining, cache, and branch prediction have been major features in modern microprocessor design. They are invented for high performance processors first, then equipped in PC processors we are using everyday. In our class, we focus on common computer architectural features for personal computers, servers, and embedded devices. At the end of this course you will understand basic principles on pipelining, cache hierarchies, memory systems, storage, and I/O systems.
Grading: (Subject to change)
  • Exams: 80%
  • Programming assignment: 10%
  • Class participation: 10%
Teaching Assistants:
  • Donggyu Choi (gmj03003 at gmail dot com)
  • Seungmin Oh (ohsm1008 at gmail dot com)